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This was planned as a story about a multitude of old gods, their race to find a way to restore their dwindling immortality, and the events they set in motion: most importantly, the handful of half mortal children that are forced together for the duration. With the angel of divine purpose and the Greek muse of comedy as their temporary guardians, nine very different children spend a year safe from the gods’ chaotic competition. In between learning about each other and themselves, they find ways to make some chaos of their own.

A large graphic novel endeavor that unfortunately will remain unfinished, Godlings was a one-woman passion project that is no longer updated.

Below you'll find the few completed comic pages, intended for the opening prologue issue, followed by a gallery of artwork and character designs that were completed when I'd still had dreams of continuing the project. I hope you enjoy what's been done!

(These comic pages were completed only to the final sketch stage. Final inks and colors are unlikely to be completed.)

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